On Sat, Aug 13, 2005 at 04:39:09PM -0700, Michael Soibelman wrote:
> I've been watching the (Gimp)web site for some time.  Is there some realistic 
> date when we can expect to see the 'Resources' section updated??  
> It says: " Soon, you will be able to download additional brushes, patterns, 
> gradients and other useful files contributed by some GIMP users and 
> developers. Please be patient while we organize this section of the site."
it would depend on your definition of soon. 

> I've been reading that for a long time now and am wondering when this might 
> happen.  Many new versions of Gimp have been introduced in the mean time.  
> Though it most certainly is nice to have new improved core functionality, for 
> persons using the Gimp, plug-ins and resources such as brushes, patterns and 
> gradients are immediately usefull and utilized !!  
i miss replied to this email and there is a discussion (mostly me with
myself) of it on the gimp-user list.  in truth, the developers of gimp
seem to have been mostly concerned with removing the bird brush and that
is it.

the result of the misfire into the user list though is an outline of an
idea to collect resources for www.gimp.org which might lead to obtaining
a few really good and useful ones to include or update gimp-2.4 with.

watch this page:

the day you can click from that page through to individual pages for the
resource of the day, even if the new page is a blank -- it means that it
will be possible to get additional resources to www.gimp.org.  without
using the word "doable" and without the word "soon".

i like to think that having a translation of the day might inspire
tutorials in that language.  i like to think a lot of things though.


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