On 8/15/05, Leon Brooks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Tuesday 16 August 2005 04:10, Carol Spears wrote:
> > I am curious what you must do before you can see the upload page?
> Register and log in.
> > do you know what it is written in?
> The project is linked from the lower left of each gallery page:
>    http://gallery.sf.net/
> It lists "PHP4" as a requirement, so that's probably what it's written
> in.

*sighs* PHP4, though, requires parsing *EVERY* page as it goes out of
the server.  Not exactly efficient -- it could put a toll on the
server.  *sighs*

> > it is interesting that you start with a very plain page and then
> > click through to a stylized page.

I think this is the recommended design in one of the HTML design books I read...

> The plain page is essentially a lightweight splash, the rest is the
> "real" gallery. The gallery is designed to be embeddable in several
> CMSes.

I'm sorry, what's a CMS?
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