On Tuesday 16 August 2005 18:02, Leon Brooks wrote:
> On Tuesday 16 August 2005 22:35, michael chang wrote:
> > Altight, PHP4, requires parsing *EVERY* PHP4 page as it goes out of
> > the server.
> As does mod_perl every .pl page, no?

Actually mod_perl can compile each Perl page or module to a bytecode, cache it 
in the server (either globally at the Apache parent, or locally for every 
child), and not require to parse it again. mod_php has similar solutions (but 
not ones that are distributed along with it).

> > I've tried PHP4 before, but I personally like perl better.
> They're both very messy and relatively unstructured, 

Oh no! Let's not go there. The last thing we need on this mailing list is a 
Perl vs. PHP vs. Ruby vs. [Insert Your Favourite Language Here] flame-war. 
They're fun, but pretty much useless. And for the record "very messy and 
relatively unstructured" is not an objective fact about either Perl or PHP.


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