On 8/16/05, Leon Brooks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Tuesday 16 August 2005 22:35, michael chang wrote:
> > Altight, PHP4, requires parsing *EVERY* PHP4 page as it goes out of
> > the server.
> As does mod_perl every .pl page, no?

Indeed it does (I do even worse; I usually call the perl executable
from CGI, on my system at least, when testing); but I usually go to
the trouble of writing my pages and scripts so that static pages are
generated from CGI scripts wherever possible.

For example, http://starglassstudios.netfirms.com/mirrors.html was
dynamically generated by a CGI script, but the only bits being called
as CGIs are the OK status buttions (-- these scripts reside on my PC
at the moment, so aren't available 24/7 though).  The whole page used
to be CGI generated on the fly, and I still have that version, but I
like this one better.

When, and if, I get around to trying to write a resource-a-day script
in perl, I'd use this technique, unless instructed otherwise.

Although, at the moment, I believe I'll let Carol keep her script
maintained -- I'd rather not have the pressure on me, just in case I
never get around to writing the script.  If I finish it, I'll letchall

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