The user interface of Photoshop has the same problem that GIMP's user
interface has: It has not been designed but it is grown into what it
is today. In that aspect the Photoshop user interface is definitely
worse than GIMP.

I've have experience with both of Photoshop and GIMP, and I don't agree. To me Photoshop's interface is much more thoroughly designed. At first I had a hard time grasping the philosify behind Photoshop's interface, but after taking a class where we learned PS, it all made sense.
(This is based on PS7 and GIMP 2.2.9)

GIMP does not attempt to be Photoshop nor to be like Photoshop.

Well, I think it should! If there is any software today that has potential to be a PS counterpart, it is GIMP. I mean why, would we not want it to be Photoshop?

The general consensus here seems to be that we want to get rid of the
toolbox menu in the long run.

I agree. As it is now, it feels like the toolbox window_ is_ the main window, i.e. it is from the toolbox you create new files and so on. And if you close the toolbox, entire GIMP is closed.

It would be more logical to have a separate toolbox, and a separate 'GIMP window'. The GIMP window would be a container for toolbox window, the layer window etc (á la PS). If you minimize the GIMP window, the toolbox windows also gets minimized. And the toolbox window and all other windows would not have its own item on the taskbar, they should be a part of main window.

I have a prejudice, which is that most of the GIMP developers has not taken time to understand the concept of the interface PS provides. If you don't take the time to understand that interface, it will feel unlogical (I had the same feeling) and it can easily be dismissed as 'badly designed'. Once you know it though, the workflow is absolutley brilliant.

/Martin Nordholts

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