Martin Nordholts ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> 1. GIMP wants to provide its users with a good workflow, independent and 
> unaffected by other similar applications.
> 2. The majority of 'New layer' commands are equal, i.e. users rarely 
> changes the properties (width, height, prefilled color, etc) of a new layer
> I fail to see why this should not be adjusted.

As Joao already said, it is quite easy to create a new layer with the
default properties. Just Shift-Click on the "New Layer" button in the
layers dialog.

We earlier had it the other way around: Click would create the layers
with the defaults, Shift-Click would show the dialog.
We then switched it around again, because Shift-Clicking to get the
dialog, made the dialog a pretty hidden feature. Most people would not
even be aware that there is a dialog, that is pretty useful at times.

If the dialog pops up it is pretty easy to basically ignore it and hit
"OK". The other way around is not so easy to solve.

Better have an undiscoverable workflow-optimization than an
undiscoverable feature.

If you know about the Shift-Click it basically is not more or less
convenient than a simple click on the button. Hence I don't see how
switching this around again would drastically improve the workflow.

I'd say, lets stick to the current solution, it works good enough (TM)
and we don't need to invent a different way to create new layers.


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