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I am developing Gimp Perspective Clone Tool in the context of SOC.

- Now I have to develop a gui so the user may define the perspective
plane in a similar way that they do via perspective tool. Using
GimpTransformTool. I don't know how to do that :S
- Another thing that also would be fine is that when you choose a
brush instead you see a brush outline while you are not painting see a
preview. I don't know if is possible to do that.

I'd like this, but I think it's unrelated to vanishingpoint cloning.. I think it's been discussed before and it was concluded that it would be too slow/tricky until GEGL ws in use.

The goal of that patch is to be included in version 2.6 of gimp, but I
encourage you to test it and give some feedback ;)

Actually, I still haven't tried it -- mainly because of the UI issue.
Initially, I would think that you could just have the user CTRL+click and drag to set
the perspective. That would not handle many cases, but it would be enough to test with.
Sadly, I don't understand enough of the way the UI works to be able to suggest a way to implement that.

.. looking around, the right thing to investigate might be gimpdrawtool. you have, for example, gimp_draw_tool_draw_line, gimp_draw_tool_draw_handle.

I got my ideas from tools/gimpvectortool.c:

The user-interaction seems to be in
gimp_vector_tool_oper_update (not sure exactly how this one is supposed to work.)

 and the drawing of any tool-specific things (like the source cursor for the clone tool) is in gimp_vector_tool_draw.
Most of those functions are pretty clear. I hope that helps.

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