Hi Pedro,

Pedro Alonso said:
> I am developing Gimp Perspective Clone Tool in the context of SOC.
> Currently the status of the project is:


> - Now I have to develop a gui so the user may define the perspective
> plane in a similar way that they do via perspective tool. Using
> GimpTransformTool. I don't know how to do that :S

How about a GUI similar to the SIOX tool, with a first step where you
set the perspective, and a second where you paint? Workflow would go
like this:

1. choose perspective tool
2. In image, clicking brings up a perspective tool wireframe (not
preview). I manipulate the wireframe as I would for the perspective
tool. To finish, I double-click the image.
3. The wireframe stays on the image (perhaps there needs to be a reset
button in the tool options to allow me to reset and choose another
perspective?) - this probably isn't necessary, but might be useful.
4. I choose a source as with the clone tool (Ctrl-click)
5. I draw (the active brush is used), and the source I take from the
image is transformed using the transformation matrix of the transform tool.

This seems like a pretty tricky interface to use, but it's an idea - and
it sounds like there's lots of opportunity to reuse existing
functionality to get your transformation matrix.

I remember that Cameron Barton was asking for similar functionality to
this some years ago. Cam, are you still around? Want to give some
interface ideas?


David Neary

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