On Wed, 2006-08-09 at 15:50 -0700, William Skaggs wrote:

> Rectangle Controls:  An expander containing a set of spinbuttons and
>   checkboxes used for specifying the shape of the rectangle
>   numerically.  There are checkboxes for "fixed width", "fixed
>   height", and "fixed aspect".  If any of these are activated, then
>   the number entered in the corresonding spinbutton will be used to
>   set the relevant dimension of the rectangle, and will not be
>   affected by any mouse actions.  It is possible for more than one to
>   be activated.  If, for example, both "fixed width" and "fixed
>   height" are active, then the shape of the rectangle will be fixed,
>   and dragging any edge or corner will simply move the rectangle as a
>   whole. 
>   At the bottom of the Controls are a set of four spinsbuttons that
>   can be used to change the coordinates of the rectangle corners.
>   Changing any of these has the same effect as dragging one of the
>   rectangle edges using the mouse, including the application of any
>   constraints that are active.

This part needs to be entirely redesigned. I didn't realize until now
that you actually meant this to be the final state of the tool options.
I always assumed that the controls are just there as a way to play with
the internal properties. The properties are probably fine but I don't
think we can present this to our users. It's way too complex and people
have already expressed their concerns about it, especially when it comes
to specifying the aspect ratio.

I suggest that we look at the old rect select and crop tools for this.
Their user interface was IMO a lot cleaner and more intuitive.


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