Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
In some other editor, the rectangle can be modified only by
grabbing the 8 handles located at the corners and at the
middle of edges. (That is an unnecessary limitation.)

The handles may confuse users if really the grabbing can be done by
clicking in anywhere on the edge. (That is the preferred way to do it
since the first interactive graphics system was written.)
The handles should be removed.

The "handles" aren't really handles like they are in many other software packages where you have to grab them to adjust the size of a selection.

In 2.3/CVS GIMP, the "handles" are four (yes, only four) tiny squares which appear in the inside corners of the selection. This provides a visual cue that the selection area can be altered. You need this cue since it is easy to toggle a selection between a fixed and alterable state.

When a selection is editable you move the cursor near an edge or corner of the selction. When you are close to the edge or corner the cursor changes to indicate that you can move that edge or corner of the selection (once you hold the left-mouse button down and drag that is).

I think this is a much easier method of resizing a selection than having to grab one of the 8 little handles that are used in most other programs.



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