Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
After making preselection on 5000x5000 image, if only handles are
grabbable and one zooms in to details of the image, then the handles
may not be visible. It becomes impossible to do precision selections.
The edges are always visible when needed and edge-grabbability works.

That is exactly the point I was going to make.

I have no better solution for visual hint on that the edges can be

If users are that used to other programs and their 8 handles for resizing, then add the other four tiny little squares in the middle of the sides. If they think they need to click on one of the 8 squares to resize, the change in cursor as they get close to the 8 little black squares should make them realize they don't actually need to grab the "handles" to resize.

Can the handles be arrows like this "<- | ->" across the edge?

I agree that it would make sense for the arrows to point in both directions when you are near an edge or corner. Right now, they point in only the "make it larger" direction.

Other than the two visual cue changes I wouldn't change anything about how resizing currently works. As I said before, I think it works better than any other program I have previously used.



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