> From: Juhana Sadeharju <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >The handles may confuse users if really the grabbing can be done by
> >clicking in anywhere on the edge. (That is the preferred way to do it
> >since the first interactive graphics system was written.)
> >The handles should be removed.

I know at least one professional in user interface design who strongly
disagrees with this. When we asked Peter Sikking to have a look at the
new selection tools, he strongly emphasized that the most important
improvements should be done are:

(1)  to use eight handles so that one can easily do horizontal and
     vertical resizing 
(2)  to enlarge the handles and to make only the handles grabbable
(3)  to add another handle in the center for moving the selection
(4)  to give immidiate cursor feedback on the handles and when pressing
     and releasing modifier keys


I would strongly suggest to at least consider this advice before jumping
to the conclusion that the handles should be removed.


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