>From: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>I know at least one professional in user interface design who strongly
>disagrees with this. When we asked Peter Sikking to have a look at the

That was interesting, but he is simply wrong -- I'm sure he would
design the tool differently after knowing the problem.

After making preselection on 5000x5000 image, if only handles are
grabbable and one zooms in to details of the image, then the handles
may not be visible. It becomes impossible to do precision selections.
The edges are always visible when needed and edge-grabbability works.

I'm not UI professional or wanna-be but I had the problem a couple
years ago and you suggested to use the guides at meanwhile.
It is now good that we have a real solution to the problem.

I have no better solution for visual hint on that the edges can be
grabbed. If the selection tool on and the edges are solid, then it
might be ok to assume the edges can be grabbed and moved. The
switch of icon when the pointer is over the edge would confirm
the case. That is how it works in audio editors -- users expect the

But how grabbability is indicated in Blender? Blender indicates the
active object by using different color, but how Blender indicates
that an object can be selected and activated? With nothing?

Can the handles be arrows like this "<- | ->" across the edge?

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