On Mon, 2006-08-14 at 22:29 -0500, Tim Jedlicka wrote:

> Why make only the handles grabbable? I don't understand the harm in
> having all edges grabbable.

I think the idea is that different actions are assigned to different
handles. If you grab a handle in the middle of an edge, you only resize
in one direction. So if only the handles can be grabbed, it would be
clear what's going to happen. But I am not sure if this means that only
the handles should work. I would probably appreciate if one could grab
somewhere in the vicinity of a handle as well.

> This is especially true for the center handle. Take the user case
> where I make a selection but now want to fine tune the placement of
> the selection (i.e. I want to fine tune the placement of the SW
> corner). If I zoom the image such that the center handle is no longer
> displayed I have no way of moving the selection.

You could still move it using some modifier key. But the center handle
is much better discoverable than a modifier key. Currently, a lot of
users simply don't know how to move a selection. If we offer a handle
that they can grab, that problem would be solved.


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