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On Mon, 2006-08-14 at 22:29 -0500, Tim Jedlicka wrote:

Why make only the handles grabbable? I don't understand the harm in
having all edges grabbable.

I think the idea is that different actions are assigned to different
handles. If you grab a handle in the middle of an edge, you only resize
in one direction. So if only the handles can be grabbed, it would be
clear what's going to happen. But I am not sure if this means that only
the handles should work. I would probably appreciate if one could grab
somewhere in the vicinity of a handle as well.

My strong preference is to have only the four corner "handles". Extra indicators clutter up the interface and a restriction to only moving the handles seems unnecessary and limiting.

Selections are the most important aspect of using the GIMP and they should be "streamlined" for proficient use; not designed to cater to the absolute novice. Clicking on an edge of selection frame and moving it is not inconsistent with the manner in which paths are edited, especially so when in the "polygonal" mode.

The current implementation is fine: the corner handles indicate an unconstrained move while anywhere else on the selection border constrains the motion. The constraint feature itself is not a requirement of using the tool and therefore, if "undiscovered", no real functionality is lost. (I would submit that even without any knowledge of the tool's operation, the constraint feature *will* be discovered and easily understood. I "discovered" it quite by accident and its functionality seemed very intuitive.)

Please reconsider what is gained by adding four more handles versus the clutter (and even confusion) that they bring to the interface.
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