Scripsit Øyvind Kolås

> Within the current gimp architecture you are asking for the job that
> op would be performing to be done in a display filter, with a fixed
> pallete (whilst working in RGB mode). This would cause all work being
> done on the image to be displayed with the reduced palette. Thus allow
> you to work "non-indexed" but see a reduced pallete result in
> realtime.

No - I don't only want to _see_ a reduced-palette result; I want to
actually _get_ a reduced-palette result. With an action purely on the
display level, I cannot see or correct inaccuracies on the underlying
pixel data; I cannot be sure that when I use the colorpicker tool it
is the standard color that I see that gets picked up, etc.

Additionally, it _would_ be rather cool to have the pixel data in each
layer be quantized but still be able to select partial layer opacities
while editing.

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