On Sat, 2006-09-02 at 20:58 +0200, Michael Natterer wrote:

> I just merged the "Healing Brush" branch soc-2006-healing-brush
> to CVS HEAD (see the ChangeLog entry pasted below for details).


I tried the new tool and I have a couple of comments:

(1) It would be nice if Jimmac could have a look at redoing the icon. I
very much like the metaphor but the icon would benefit from some Tango
love applied to it.

(2) IMO the tool should be moved next to the Clone tool in the toolbox.

(3) I frequently get error messages saying "Source and destination
regions are not the same size.". That shouldn't happen.

(4) I don't really understand how to use the tool. I understand that I
need to Ctrl-Click to select a source as with the Clone tool. But then,
when I try to heal an area, I find the behaviour unpredictable and
somehwat erratic. Can someone please explain how this tool is supposed
to be used?


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