I'm really glad the the Healing Brush has been merged into HEAD.  That marks my first open-source contribution! 

(1) It would be nice if Jimmac could have a look at redoing the icon. I
very much like the metaphor but the icon would benefit from some Tango
love applied to it.

Yes.  Please fix the icon.  This was just something I did in a few spare minutes, and I am definitely not an icon expert.

(3) I frequently get error messages saying "Source and destination
regions are not the same size.". That shouldn't happen.

The source and destination region should be the same size, but I don't know how to ensure this for every click.  Right now the best I could do is not report the error and just run the loop again.  I'll look into it though

(4) I don't really understand how to use the tool. I understand that I
need to Ctrl-Click to select a source as with the Clone tool. But then,
when I try to heal an area, I find the behaviour unpredictable and
somehwat erratic. Can someone please explain how this tool is supposed
to be used?

I created a tutorial about the tool.  Is there any GIMP hosted site where I could post it to for everyone to look at.  This should answer most of your questions.

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