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>As a side note, it would be nice if the rectangle and ellipse
>selection tools (not the base rectangle tool) would take Alt into
>account before the selection is confirmed and behave as if the
>selection had been confirmed: Alt = move selection mask, Alt+Ctrl =
>move selected pixels, Alt+Shift = copy selected pixels.  It should
>not be necessary to press Enter before being able to move it.

Well, that's a bug, then.  The objective for Rectangle Select
is that you should be able to do anything with the selection while
it remains modifiable that you would be able to do after turning
it into a fixed selection.  To the extent that you can't, it's a
bug.  In this case the tool simply is not handling the Alt modifier
correctly -- thanks for pointing it out, and I hope I can remember
it long enough to get around to fixing it.

  -- Bill

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