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Yes there are inconsistencies already here. Rotate and shear behave
differently and bucket-fill does not revert to black and white every time
you use it.

Your "accusations" are unfair. First of all, your GIMP setup seems
somewhat screwed. Try to reset the tool options or remove the
~/.gimp-2.3/tool-options folder. And you also ignore the fact that a lot
of thought has gone into the current behaviour. It would help if you
could appreciate that and ask before you jump to conclusions quickly.

Also you need to admit that your usage of GIMP is just one possible way
of using it. We don't know much about you yet, so we can't tell if your
usage patterns are in any way representative for a large user group.

We are willing to do changes. But very often people forget to see all
aspects of user interface design. Are you sure that you have thought
about all possible user scenarios? Are you sure that you understood the
rationale behind the current behaviour? If not, it might be a good idea
to ask those questions first.


Sven, (and the rest of the team) please don't take any of this the wrong way.

I made a list of things that I found held me back. This is in no way suggesting that no-one has put any thought into this interface , clearly they have. By and large it works very well. I would like to help you improve it.

I clearly stated that all of the issues were minor but the overall effect was that a lot more mouse input was required than was really necessary.

I listed a number of points , not as a means of ripping it apart, but to give clear indications where I could identify lost time and hence give something concrete to look into rather than broad unjustified comments.

You will appreciate it also takes time to go through all this and give precise, hopefully useful, criticisms.

Neither do I assume my way of working is typical, it almost certainly is not, because like most of you on this list I have a technical programmers background and a good knowledge of maths.

What I say about settings is not that the one's I choose are in any way better or typical but that there is a need to retain user settings in order to avoid a lot of unwarranted repetition.

Sorry if I have a bit of a blunt style , I do tend to come straight to the point. This is not meant to be dismissive or disrespectful of the work that has been done.

We all also know email is a lousy form of communication and it's easy to take things the wrong way. You and Bill in particular have been very helpful in helping find my way around the code and I've felicitated you on the openness of your approach.

Let's not let irritations drift drift in the way here.

Thanks for your time and comments.

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