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> I think technical difficulties of implementation need to be separated from
> UI discussion until the value of the idea has been assessed. I would have
> other comments about the flexibility on API implementations.

I don't think this needs much further discussion. We already have plans
for adding a GimpPlugInDialog widget and porting the plug-ins to it.
Such a dialog would provide a framework for loading and storing plug-in
settings or at least for changing the defaults. It could also take care
of session management such as setting the window size.

> I dont see what "tool store settings" does. I see some data about brushes
> if I plough through the configs but if I choose to work in percent rather
> than pixels this is not remembered.

IIRC, the dialog currently takes the unit from the image that is being
edited. This seems to make some sense to me and it might be difficult to
decide when it makes sense to use percent instead. Or perhaps percent
would even be a better default? We should ask some users.

> Well I looked at this with rotate. The preview on the image just shows the
> outline that will be rotated but does not move the image/selection until
> the dlg closes. This indeed seems the best of both worlds if it retains my
> last rotation setting. I either hit "go" or reset as you suggest.

IIRC, the Rotate tool shows a preview of the rotation by default. If it
shows only the outline for you, then you probably changed the default
rotate tool settings.


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