On 9/27/06, Raphaël Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
This is a different issue from what was discussed here.  You can toggle
between moving layers, selection masks or paths by using the modifiers:
Ctrl or Alt (this will soon be indicated in the status bar).  I don't

How will this be indicated?  Is it via 'discovery mode' or 'explicit mode'?

Discovery mode = Press shift, the description changes.

Explicit mode = At the bottom of the toolbox (or in a tooltip, or ...) a guide:
[Move] = Pick Layer/Guide
[Shift] = Move Layer/Guide
[Ctrl] = Pick Path
[Ctrl][Shift] = Move Path
[Alt] = Move Selection
[Alt][Shift] = Move Selection (again?)

These are the 2.2.13 options.  I have to say I don't see a difference
between 'pick' and 'move' for the normal/shifted case but I didn't try
too hard.  The [Alt] selections are very confusing, too.  [Alt]-drag
moved the window (KDE grabs it); [Alt][Shift]-drag picks "the other
move" but the mouse cursor looks like a "ø".  And [Shift][Alt]-drag
shows "move layer" in the tool menu but drags an outline that doesn't
affect the image if the entire image is masked, then returns to the
[Alt][Shift] tool options; while if the mask is not present behaves
like a regular move and returns to the [Alt][Shift] tool options with
the mouse cursor now a "ø".

Hmm.  Selection/Quickmask confuses me.  Things that operate on
selections have icons that look like quickmasks.  Anyway ...

The 'scale' tool has the largest toolbar options area (2.2.13).  With
the toolbar maximized on my 1280x1024 screen, there's lots of blank
space on the bottom where the shift-modifiers can be explicitly
enumerated (it looks like they already are in this case, but a
uniformity would be good).  I'm not positive, but this could also be
helpful for informing the user of "pre-use" and "during-use"
modifiers, like the wacky select add/remove/square/center/move tools.

I'm thinking of something that just looks like the list I have above,
but with widgets for the [shift] keys, bottom aligned to the toolbox.
Alternately, they could be in a giant tooltip, but this would prevent
showing the 'during-use' modifiers.

Does this seem like a valid use of the toolbox option pane?

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