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> On 9/27/06, Raphaël Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > This is a different issue from what was discussed here.  You can toggle
> > between moving layers, selection masks or paths by using the modifiers:
> > Ctrl or Alt (this will soon be indicated in the status bar).  I don't
> How will this be indicated?  Is it via 'discovery mode' or 'explicit mode'?

A bit of both...  The status bar messages explain what operations will
be performed with the current combination of modifers and in addition
they suggest to try to other ones.  There would not be enough room in
the status bar to explain what each modifier does, except when the
messages are really short.  In addition to the status bar messages,
you also have the tool options indicating what each modifier will do.
Although this is not done yet by all tools (due among other things to
the limitations of the API that generates a list of options from
enums), you can see that some tools mention Shift, Ctrl or Alt next to
some options that can be toggled.  So this gives you the "explicit
mode" to some extent.

> [...]  The [Alt] selections are very confusing, too.  [Alt]-drag
> moved the window (KDE grabs it);

Some window managers do grab the Alt modifier.  This is why GIMP does
not use Alt for anything important.  All actions that can be performed
in GIMP using the Alt modifier can also be performed in some other

Besides, window managers should not grab Alt by default.  They should
use the "Windows" key instead of the "Alt" key if it is present on the
keyboard.  The vast majority of keyboards available today do have such
a key, even on laptops.  Some keyboards replace it with a penguin key,
but the behavior is the same.

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