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> You might see it as a lateral translation effected by simple transform  
> matrix multiplication. The user just wants to move a bit to one side.

You probably misunderstood Bill.  This is exactly what he meant by
saying that the Move tool should behave like other transform tools: it
should move the selected pixels when there is a selection (instead of
moving the whole layer as it does now).

> BTW How do I move a rectangular selection ?! I don't mean move the  
> selection outline, how do I move the part of the image selected?

Well, this is what I described in my message.  With GIMP 2.2.x, you
move the selected pixels by just dragging them.  With GIMP 2.3.x, you
currently have to first press Enter to confirm the selection (if you
are using the rectangle or ellipse selection tools), then press
Ctrl+Alt while dragging the pixels, or Shift+Alt if you want to copy
the pixels instead of moving them.  Easy, isn't it?

> And while we're here , why is the rect selection tool not on the palette  
> with the ellipse and free-style tools, do I really have to go off to Tools  
> | Selection Tools | Rectangle ?

If you are using a development version, it is likely that your toolrc
has not been updated since a while.  I recommend that you just delete
it and restart GIMP.  Just rm ~/.gimp-2.3/toolrc.

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