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Thanks, I was led to thinking it was by Bills comment and did not bother
checking the source.

My point is, moving a selection is probably not transforming it in the
mind of the user. Shear , perspective , mirror , flip would seem to fit as

cut, paste, move, copy, I would see at edit functions.

There are probably grey areas as with most things but I think it would be
good to take a step back and review the UI. It's easy to be too close to
thing as they evolve and not see some of the defects.

Sure, don't take anything in the user interface as set in stone. There's
nothing that couldn't be changed. But it is also important to see the
big picture and it is very easy to jump to quick conclusions when it
comes to user interface design.

BTW, you probably meant to send this to the mailing-list.


Indeed I did , thx.

There's nothing that couldn't be changed. But it is also important to see the
big picture and it is very easy to jump to quick conclusions when it
comes to user interface design.

Oh fer sure. I dont expect to look at this and come up with all the right answers but I have a few overall impressions and some specifics that may be worth looking at.

1/ In general I find it needs too many mouse/keyboard actions to achieve a simple operation.

1a/ specific: undo : edit | undo . This must be one of the most common actions I want a one click solution, in the same window as I am editting in.

There's always cntl-Z cntl-Y but that means dropping the mouse and diverting my attention away fron the screen. Very slow.

1b/ I pull up a dlg. the first text entry is highlighted so I can type to replace , fine. But if I want to edit it eg 100 to 400, I go to select the "1" with the mouse and the editted text gets dragged. Huh? So I have to click to deselect the reselect the bit I want.

2/ I am continually repeating the same placement/configuration operations where once should be enough.

2a/ It seems none of the filters retain thier position and size, although they retains _some_ of their settings.

specific: Filters | Motion Blur ... I resize to get a more visible preview size and move it out of the way of other things on the screen. Next time I use it I dont want to start again.

While this is probably down to the plugin writer, at least the "common" filters should be vetted/modded to retain size/pos before being integrated. And it should be recommended for all plug-ins.

2b/ If I use a dlg on one image and set, say units to pixels , if I open another image or even duplicate I have to reset the same options.

specific: Image | Scale Image , set to percent . Duplicate image , Scale Image : back to default pixels.

2c/ I have select for tools to store settings but this seems limitted.

specific: again the Scale Image dlg. units combo. This is held for the time I edit an image but not affected by the config option :tools store settings.

2d/ I set a value , eg rotation degrees or scale percent. Next time I pull up the dlg it's back to NOP settings : zero degrees or 100% scaling. Now I dont necessarily want the same value but one thing it's sure I dont need is a NOP. Last entered value would be a better starting point.

All these are minor things on their own but the overall effect is _several times_ more mouse actions than are really needed to get a job done.

There's lots of things it does well too, but no sense in opening bugs and threads here to comment on what does not need fixing ;)

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