Sven Neumann wrote:
I had a look at the patches and they look good to me. There are a number
of minor coding style glitches and one or two minor user interface
problems but those can easily be dealt with as soon as the patches are
in CVS. So please go ahead and commit the changes.

The changes have been commited to CVS. It was certainly my biggest ever single commit. Many things to Saul Goode (saul on IRC) and Raphael Quinet for their assistance in reviewing the proposed changes to the script files.

Now to sit back and wait for the kudos, complaints, bug reports, and general comments. :-)

I will update the Tiny-Fu web page in the next day or so to reflect that it is no longer in active development now that it has been rolled in to CVS GIMP's Script-Fu plug-in. Tiny-Fu is still valid for the 2.2 versions of GIMP but the only changes for 2.2 will be bug fixes.

The main development relating to use of Scheme as a scripting language will be handled in Script-Fu. Tiny-Fu will now be used primarily as a test bed for future versions of Script-Fu. There are a couple of things being considered for future versions of Script-Fu but I don't know yet whether the ideas would require the use of Tiny-Fu to aid in accomplishing the future goals.


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