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> A short helpful text item like "tear-off" would not take make the menu a  
> single pixel larger nor would it "clutter" the menu more than a  
> meainingless line of hyphens.

Yes, it would. It would distract the user's view from the actual menu
entries and makes it harder to quickly scan the menu.

> The "tear along the dotted line" that the current entry presumably is  
> supposed to represent has no meaning until you are aware of the feature  
> and what it is called. There is not analogy elsewhere this I am aware off  
> that would cause a user to understand this otherwise.

Well, all other toolkits that have tear-off menus do it pretty much the
same way and use pretty much the same visual representation.

Having a tooltip on the menu might be a good idea. Please propose it to
the GTK+ developers and stop discussing this here any further.


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