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Saul Goode a écrit :
The menus that you obtain with a right-click have a dotted line
across the top. If you click on that dotted line, a menu window
is created with just that sub-menu. By right-clicking on "Edit"
and selecting the dotted line at the top of the "Edit->Paste As"
sub-menu, you will create a menu dialog that will make the
"Paste As New Image" command just a mouse-click away at
all times.

Such tear-offs lose their utility if commands are all clumped
together on a top-level menu. For this reason, I question the
wisdom of the GNOME HIG discouraging nesting of menus
(or at least the idea that three levels is excessive, especially
if the menu bar is itself to be considered a menu).

DON'T touch/remove "TEAR-OFF menu"! NEVER! :)
This is one of the best Gimp's UI concept here.

ps: sorry to play the intruder in this ML :)

I was worth it. (-:

My sister-in-law uses that feature extensively. She had to use
PhotoShop recently; the moaning & wailing which ensued about such
features' absence was incredible. She does professional photography.
Her site is at http://www.goldenlight.bur.st/

Ahh! More hidden treasure.

Nice feature , shame there is absolutely nothing in a line of ------------- to suggest this actually does something. I always thought it was a gimp oddity and someone had decided to style the menus this way. In fact it is a _menu entry_ .

Conclusion: how about giving it a meaningful label rather than "--------" . "Tear off" would be enough to raise the curiosity and once clicked this excellent feature would be imediately available to all users.

Thanks to Saul for explaining it's existance to me.

and , yes, I agree about HIG and not nesting menus , that was one of my main points when I started this discussion.
The Paste As .. menu is one level too many.

Glad we are all agreed. ;)

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