just a quick note to inform you that the usability weekend was a great
success. Based on workspace observations and interviews that Kamila,
Ellen and Peter did over the last weeks, and supplemented by feedback
from the GIMP documentation team and GIMP user support, we managed to
come up with a list of usage scenarios that we consider typical for our
target user base. The usability team will now continue their work based
on these scenarios. The next step is an expert evaluation of the current
user interface. We hope that the project will be finished somewhen early
next year. That should be just in time to discuss the outcome of this
project and hopefully to start with implementing the proposals that will
be made.

We have spent less than EUR 1100,- on this, which is only possible
because the Linuxhotel in Essen ( offered us a
very generous community price.

At some point later in this project, I would like to get more developers
involved. We should probably have a dedicated meeting for this early
next year.


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