[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2006-11-13 at 1958.18 +0100):
> > And is just painting or colouring nowhere in
> > the cases (as separate case, it is clearly not)?
> There are simply other applications that are better
> adept to painting from scratch, one of them is called
> Painter, I believe.

There are other apps for icons too (a from scratch task in some cases,
btw). Seeing that one and not seeing painting, colouring or creating
textures looked strange among all the other more photo-related tasks
specially when for past years people have being colouring their
comics, creating textures for 3d art and so on with gimp.

> Painting from scratch is simply not in the product vision,
> the GIMP team has set other priorities.

OK, thanks, good to know.

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