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The scenario for this actually includes the words 'collage' and
'wild brush work' to catch the vibe. The results need to be new
art, and we are sure that bitmaps, scans and/or vector graphics
need to be imported/opened in GIMP to do this successfully.

What is wild brush work?

the words are used to catch the vibe, you know... >^}
not too subtle alterations using brush tools.
Alienating the resulting image from the found images
that went into the process.

And is just painting or colouring nowhere in
the cases (as separate case, it is clearly not)?

There are simply other applications that are better
adept to painting from scratch, one of them is called
Painter, I believe.

Second of all you have to realise that the user scenarios
are the essential description of the essential use of GIMP.
That's two distillations. But they focus our minds to get
things done. Lot's of in-between and borderline cases do
not need to be described. They would just bloat up the
user scenarios and make them useless as a tool for us.

Painting from scratch is simply not in the product vision,
the GIMP team has set other priorities.


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