* El 08/03/07 a las  1:57, [EMAIL PROTECTED] chamullaba:

> In general just try to keep cool. You are perfectly right in
> complaining about being lead astray by a bad code example and in
> your place I would be equally pissed off about the time I had
> wasted. I'm sure dismissive comments don't to much to releave the
> frustration either. Hopefully your comments will lead to some
> corrections being made.

This was not the problem: I didn't complain about bugs, I looked for
an answer to a bug in my code that I finally found. I didn't want to
send any bug report for such a thing.

What pissed me off was that I was requested to send a bug report, and
when I sent it, the same guy answered that it was ok the code to have
bugs since it was for demo purposes only!

BTW, I believe that this is one of the main reasons why Fedora is
weakening fast: unattended bugs that are leading to an OS so full
of bugs that people are simply abandoning it. That is sad, and
certainly not good for Linux.

> Dont worry too much about the LibGimp-CRITICAL message. I am getting
> that  as well, you are running a development version, presumably
> current svn, expect some errors and messages.

My plugin is working fine, after I found my bug and the one in
the blur example. It's just annoying.



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