SorinN writes:
 > That's why we need a Gimp PRO, Inkscape PRO, Scribus PRO - someone, a
 > Firm / Govern / Foundation /  Linux Distro / Billionaire ...or a
 > mixture of them must hire core developers of all 3 projects - put them
 > into a big WEB / DTP Core Linux project and manage development and
 > releases.

If they saw any money making potential in it, they presumably would?

None of the commercial Linux companies which one would assume have
very skilled market analysts etc that can do research to find out what
is worth doing has seen much business in funding work on GIMP or
Inkscape to the extent of actually hiring developers so far. The
closest thing, I guess, is that f-spot is being developed by a paid
employee. Plus, has lots of paid developers, and it
includes some rudimentary graphic capabilities. This should tell you
something. Not sure what;)

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