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> That's why we need a Gimp PRO, Inkscape PRO, Scribus PRO - someone, a
> Firm / Govern / Foundation /  Linux Distro / Billionaire ...or a
> mixture of them must hire core developers of all 3 projects - put them
> into a big WEB / DTP Core Linux project

> ...finally helping Linux to grow faster, helping
> world to be free.

Sadly no-one gives money away for no reason. So nearly always there are  
strings attached, they dictate the way things move for their own ends and  
developers loose control of thier work.

Also developers need thier own reasons for working if it's for free. These  
motivations , which will obviously vary according to the individual, are  
likely to be very different to the kind of heirarchical, profit driven  
structure you are suggesting.

The best solution would seem to be pulling in more donations so that  
certain things can get finished. The way SOC targets specific projects to  
help things move along.

It's strange that gimp does not attract some more serious sponsoring in  
view of the maturity of the project. Maybe potencial sponsors have looked  
at the mailing list archives and asked themselves "do we want to work with  
these people"?

Maybe many who would have worked for free have also been turned away.

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