On 4/16/07, Tor Lillqvist wrote:

> The closest thing, I guess, is that f-spot is being developed by a paid
> employee.

Well, the closest thing would be MrB directly financed by Angulo
Solido for fixing bugs and improving Scribus. F-Spot is a work that
Larry does in his rare spare time, mostly (feel free to prove me

Then, again, I don't understand what is meant with that 2D core.

GEGL? Inkscape might be using it anyway thanks to one of this year's
SoC projects and chances are that Scribus will be using it too in a

Cairo? Inkscape is already moving to it, Scribus already uses it
optionally and GIMP ebventually will be there.

lib2geom? Pretty much the same thing.

We've already seen on GEGL's example how badly direct sponsoring may
affect development. We should be careful with our wishes ;-)

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