On Tue, 2007-04-17 at 07:46 +0100, Alex Pounds wrote:

> And yet, the Google Summer of Code was quite successful for the Gimp,
> wasn't it?

It depends on how you look at it. Yes, we had some contributions. But
only very few of this has been committed to trunk by now. And out of the
two projects that were merged to trunk, only one has been developed
further and can stay in for the 2.4 release. The other project has
stayed unmaintained ever since the SoC ended. We will have to back it
out for the 2.4 release and it is not clear if it will ever be finished
so that it can be added back.

This may be our fault. But perhaps it shows the danger of bounties. The
motivation ends when the bounty is paid. And it demotivates others to
work on the project for free.

I think what would bring GIMP along most would be to have a small group
of paid developers who can work full-time on GIMP. These people would
not only implement new features but also devote much of their time
helping other contributors and overseeing the bug-tracker and
mailing-lists. It would also help a lot to have someone paid to work
full-time on the website and the documentation. 


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