guys, what a thread.

I say that the solution for all this lies in treating these lossy
(my spell-checker proposes lousy) formats the same we are (gonna)
handle indexed mode:

import + export only.

This would prevent the misunderstanding that there is a continuous
lossless workflow for these type of files, and that it is OK to save
intermediate files in these formats.

The import part means that when you open a jpeg, you get a GIMP file.
original_filename.xcf, it says in the title bar. Press save the first
time after import and you get a 'save as' dialog with the location of
the original jpeg and that original_filename.xcf as defaults.

now you have a workflow in full fidelity.

The export part means that jpeg and other lossy formats are not
available for Save (as), but only under an explicit Export command.

After an export to jpeg, you are still working on the GIMP format file.

I have  hard time believing that the reason a file is jpeg on
your camera memory card is the same as being jpeg at the end of
your workflow in GIMP. Afterwards it is about saving space on your
disk or saving bandwidth on the internet. Different requirements ==
different quality factor, I say.


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         man + machine interface works
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