At the risk of lengthening this thread... :)

I agree with Peter - saving in a lossy format is a last-step operation
in a good workflow.   I respect the case of simple tweak and saving,
but in the long run, all users should never being able to choose
"save" and then lose data.  I expect the "Save" command to retain
*all* data: not just some.  Just because most image editors throw away
parts of your file, there's no reason for GIMP to follow suit (anyone
ever play Lemmings?).

save != lose

I see recent activity on the 'Save for Web' dialog.  Once completed,
it should offer the user enough ways to publish a lossy image for
end-use while retaining a lossless original image.  Exporting is
preferable to a "lossy save".

The solution of presenting the dialog on first save is a Good Thing
(thanks Sven!).  Having a lossless workflow is a Better Thing, and
hopefully the direction of the future.

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