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> guys, what a thread.
das stimmt!

> I say that the solution for all this lies in treating these lossy
> (my spell-checker proposes lousy) formats the same we are (gonna)
> handle indexed mode:
> import + export only.

I dont think this is a good idea , despite it shortcoming in certain  
respects this is probably the most commonly used format for photo images.  
Not being able to save a jpeg will cause great confusion.

IMHO this is not one of your better suggestions.

> This would prevent the misunderstanding that there is a continuous
> lossless workflow for these type of files, and that it is OK to save
> intermediate files in these formats.

As has been suggested already, a first time warning with a "dont show  
again" option would be good in making users aware of the issue. After that  
I really object this "we know best , you should do it this way so we will  
force you to if you're too dumb". This is the classic Microsoft approach  
and why I changed to OSS over 5 yrs ago. Please dont try to do this to  

Considering Gimp was screwing up jpegs until last nights svn change , ie  
millions of installation on all platforms still does that even on the  
fresh 2.3.16 , we'd better go easy on the arrogant "we know better, you  
will do it like this" approach.

Some ppl may wish to do one or two saves knowing the limitations and  
choosing suitable quality. Gimp is a tool not a tutorial. We should not  
get in the way.

The only step I see as acceptable here is the warning, this would be a  
great help to less seasoned users who are not aware of this limitation.  
It's simple to add and would be a worthwhile improvement.


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