Akkana wrote:

> I'm seeing an unspoken assumption in this thread that most photos
> are edited in multiple sessions: read into gimp, do a few
> operations, write to disk, read back in (perhaps hours or days
> later), do a few more operations, write back out, repeat.

I was more thinking from the point of "it is never finished."
Either as an artist you grow and want to revise your work, or
people you work for ask you for another revision.

'and you just thought that first jpeg was the final result'

So giving priority to saving files in full-fidelity is the way
to go for me.

>> If users get the hint
>> that opening and saving the same jpeg again and again is a pain (also
>> for the quality) and that either adopting a high-end GIMP file  
>> workflow
>> or moving to another (mid-fi) app to work in their lossy jpeg way.
> Another thing I'm unclear on in this thread: when I first heard the
> idea of forcing Export instead of Save, the plan seemed to be that
> Save would always save XCF, and anything else would require Export.

Writing that a few days ago I realised that that is where you end
up when you systematically apply the argument:
only xcf is full-fidelity.

So you Save (as) in that format, and the rest is exported.

But I thought that would be to hard to swallow at this point in
the current discussion. But the Raphael writes:

> So I think that the statement from Peter that singled out indexed
> image formats and JPEG was slightly misleading (and this triggered
> my initial reaction).  Basically, only XCF would be "saved" and all
> other image formats would be "exported".

Sorry for the confusion then, we all seem to be moving in the
same direction.


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