On Thu, 2007-07-12 at 13:29 +0200, peter sikking wrote:

> Two hours. The vision has been simmering in the back of the minds of
> everybody involved for all the years that they have been working on  

If you are now interpreting this vision that way that GIMP is not meant
to be used for the workflow that Raphael described (touching up photos),
then perhaps we need to refine the vision.

> And I would let Krita, F-Spot, digikam et al. worry about serving
> their market optimally, and actually give them a chance by keeping
> GIMP out of their markets. Since we are not in it of the money,
> we can actually improve our own situation by letting some room
> for other software developers.

That is not an argument simply because market shares and such simply
don't matter here. And secondly I think that there is a lot of overlap
at least with Krita. Our product visions are quite similar with Krita
having the focus slightly more on painting. But that's only a marginal


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