Laurent MONIN wrote:
> Hello,
>       the "fixed" option of the crop tool is far better now, aspect ratio is
> nicely working, thank you very much for what you did.
> I noted few things (that you may already know):
> - in some cases, there are spurious lines drawn when defining the crop zone.
> - Fixed Aspect Ratio reports width:height which is great, but when changing
>   to Fixed Width or Fixed Height, the value is set to 100, it would be more
>   useful if it stayed on the previous width or height value.
>   Fixed Size should be the one of the current crop zone, not 100x100

Thanks Laurent

Yup, bug 467972 ( is 
the highlight artifacts bug.

Updating the Fixed: Width/Height entries would be nice indeed, and I 
plan to fix this before 2.4, I just haven't found the time to do so yet. 
Since I have already written the surrounding code, fixing this should go 
fairly quick.

I'm not sure what to put for Fixed: Size though, and the spec simply 
states 100x100 "but are open for improvments". "Crop zone" sounds 
interesting, what do you mean by that?

- Martin Nordholts
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