peter sikking wrote:
> Guys,

Hello guiguru,

(It was an odd time stamp on your mail. are you back from vacation yet?)

The spec asks for ideas for good default values for the Fixed: Size entries.

How about having 100x100 as default when there is no pending rectangle 
and rectangle width x rectangle height when there is one? This would be 
the case for both the selection tools and the crop tool.

I see two good things about making it this way:

1) It would be easy to fix the current rectangle shape so that one does 
not accidentally resize it.

2) It would be easy to duplicate a "perfect size" many times, like when 
one does not know the correct size for the rectangle but have to 
experiment a bit on the canvas first to get the desired size of the 

Once you have this "perfect size", it would be easy to use the size in 
many places.

- Martin Nordholts

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