Martin Nordholts writes:
> It seems as if quite a lot of people would like there to be a way of 
> fixing the size of a pending rectangle.
> If we handled the default values of Fixed: Size the same way as for the 
> default values of the Fixed: Aspect ratio entry (i.e. when rubber 
> banding has ended, set the default width/height to the pending rectangle 
> width/height) that would allow people to more intuitively fix the 
> current rectangle.

Here's a counter-argument. Suppose I need to make a whole bunch of
fixed size images (perhaps for a slide show or to fill in spaces in
a grid). I set the Fixed Size entry to 640x480 (or whatever) and
make a few of them. But then I need to make some other adjustment
involving a crop or rect select. I un-check Fixed, make my
selection, and now I've lost the 640x480 and I'll have to type
it in again.

I like the idea of initializing the field the first time from the
current rect, if the user hasn't typed anything in, but once the
user has typed something, please don't make them re-type it.

Could the field be initialized to "", instead of 100x100? Then
if the user clicks Fixed when the field is blank, fill it in then
with the current rect; but if it's not blank, leave it unchanged.

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