those verdomde licences.

> On 11/09/2007, peter sikking <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I see this working in a visual way. Because of the CC-SA-BY license,
>> anybody could take your image, modify it with their own ideas for
>> improvement, and send it back to the brainstorm.
> I see one problem. CC-SA-BY requires attribution, and the blog doesn't
> give it.

the contributors have to take their credit, to get attribution.
I did that so I cannot mess up the anonymous part and the
'fish out the right name out of the email' part.

if somebody does not take credit then (s)he fall out of the
attribution chain. If the there is no contributor to attribute
to then 'GIMP UI brainstorm blog' will do.

> Attribution would also be necessary in the modified works.

yep, but a bottom edge of 1024 pixels is pretty long in 9 point type.

> Attribution makes things messy, and (IMHO) it's not that important for
> something like a brainstorm in any case, so perhaps a license change
> would be helpful?

I think people who take credit should get attribution.
Could be a reason not to contribute because the licence is too lax.

I dread having to check that the whole attribution chain is in
place on a new contribution...


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