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> David,
> Interesting. GEGL sounds very much in line with a lot of the ideas I have
> about how to approach the problem. Is this seen as the future of GIMP's
> core?
Image representation, certainly.  Gimp's core -- maybe. That would
depend on how it interacts with the procedural database.

> How big an effort is the port to GEGL expected to be? It sounds like
> an exciting time to join the development team.
We'll know once it's started :)

> You mentioned that GEGL integration is slated for 2.4...2.6 development.
> Where can I find more information on plans for GIMP's development cycles?
> Are these documented somewhere on developer.gimp.org?
AFAIK no, it was decided fairly informally, like in many OSS things --
people talked, it became the accepted idea over time, and nobody much
mentioned it outside of the GEGL-developer and GIMP-developer mailing
lists where it was discussed. Officially I believe Sven has said
something to the effect of 'there is no roadmap; people implement
things because it's fun or they need it, not because there is a
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