On Wednesday 10 October 2007 13:30:16 Andrew Young wrote:
> Please excuse the noob question. Why are there no odd numbered releases?
> e.g. 2.5? Do they have a special, internal role?

It has been a long standing tradition amongst many (open source) programs that 
odd numbered minor numbers indicate a development version and an even numbered 
minor number is a "stable" release version.

This practice goes back to the earliest days of the 1.0/1.1 Linux kernels (and 
possibly earlier). Recent changes in the Linux kernel development process mean 
that it no longer strictly adheres to this rule but GIMP does.

Development releases aren't guaranteed to be stable or even run at all (in 
some cases). This is where new features can be added, old features may be 
changed or enhanced, or the code may be restructured. All of these things can 
make the code unstable, especially during the early stages of a development 



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