David Gowers wrote:
>> You mentioned that GEGL integration is slated for 2.4...2.6 development.
>> Where can I find more information on plans for GIMP's development cycles?
>> Are these documented somewhere on developer.gimp.org?
> AFAIK no, it was decided fairly informally, like in many OSS things --
> people talked, it became the accepted idea over time, and nobody much
> mentioned it outside of the GEGL-developer and GIMP-developer mailing
> lists where it was discussed. Officially I believe Sven has said
> something to the effect of 'there is no roadmap; people implement
> things because it's fun or they need it, not because there is a
> deadline.'

I just have to flank in with a little comment here.

In the open source world work can also be made when companies hire
people to implement a certain feature. Unfortunately there haven't been
so much interest yet from companies to hire people to work on GIMP.
Personally I hope that will change, and I have some plans on how to do
that, but that's a post-2.4 subject.

Regarding when 2.4 is released, it should be out pretty soon, I'd guess
some time this week, the next week, or the week after that.

Martin Nordholts
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