[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2007-10-10 at 1344.25 +0200):
> On Wednesday 10 October 2007 13:30:16 Andrew Young wrote:
> > Please excuse the noob question. Why are there no odd numbered releases?
> > e.g. 2.5? Do they have a special, internal role?
> According to old tradition, odd version numbers like 2.5 are for development 
> versions. There was Gimp 2.3 but it was never marked stable instead the 
> stable release is now named 2.4. The same versioning system is used in the 
                                                              ^ was
> Linux kernel. Gimp 2.5 will be the development tree for version 2.6.

GIMP keeps on with the odd for devel (new features) and even for
stable (bug fixes only, polish features at best). Linux kernel is
currently at 2.6 and there is no parallel 2.7, any changes go to 2.6
directly (last cycle that did was the 2.4 - 2.5 pair).

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