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>    Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 09:40:45 +0100
>    Sure there's tab widget. The point I was uncertain about was
>    whether a second click on a tab would push it back in the
>    z-order. I know Gimp is sometimes held back by limitations of GTK+
>    over which it has no direct influence.
>    Robert Krawitz has replied that there is an extension that does
>    this.  Hopefully covers it. This is particularly useful for
>    comparing two images without needing to look away.
> There's a Mozilla Firefox extension that does this.  Mozilla
> extensions don't make direct GTK+ calls (as far as I know), but
> evidently it's possible for Firefox to know that someone has clicked
> on the current tab.

Many thanks, I misunderstood your previous comment.

this is good news in several ways.

1. I can get ffx to do this as well , it's the sort of feature that you  
rely on after a while and miss badly.

2. Presumably Gimp can do the same sort of trick using std GTK+ widgets.

3. The code should be available as an example to make implentation simple  
and quick.



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